Coming Training Events

Here are upcoming training events…

Doug Heiferman teaching IICRC classes
IICRC Certification Class
One-on-one business development webinars with the Cobra. I personally guarantee to help you develop an edge over your competition!


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Business Development Webinars

1-  Positioning your Business for Future Success. Deep cleaning for health  while learning how to properly mitigate COVID-19. The webinar is 3 hours.

2-  Essential Elements of a Killer Business Plan. Will help you develop a blueprint for success now and in the future.  1.5 hours

3-  In-Home Sales. create a powerful presentation once in the home that will instantly increase profits.  1.5 hours

4-  Carpet Cleaning Procedures. How to deliver the ultimate textile cleaning experience while improving your brand.  1.5 hours

Pricing is related to the number of participants per company. All very reasonably priced. Always provide additional time for questions. Work with a consulting company that has helped hundreds of companies increase profits exponentially. Providing great cleaning while continually building your business skills delivers exciting results. Look forward to helping you become even more successful. ?? Strike fast and aggressively! ?


Area rug cleaning class
Area Rug Cleaning Class

Upcoming Training Classes

September 14,15,16 IICRC Upholstery Cleaning Tech ONLINE

October 4,5 IICRC Upholstery Cleaning Tech Certification IN-PERSON, PHOENIX
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October 6,7 IICRC Carpet Cleaning Tech Certification  IN-PERSON, PHOENIX
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October 14,15,16 IICRC Carpet Cleaning Tech Certification WEEKEND ONLINE Register Here

November 2,3,4 IICRC Carpet Cleaning Tech Certification  ONLINE
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November 16,17,18 IICRC Upholstery Cleaning Tech Certification  ONLINE

November 30 December 1,2 IICRC Carpet Cleaning Tech Certification  ONLINE Register Here


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Special note: If you desire to learn how to deep clean to mitigate COVID-19, contact Doug.  You’ll get a 2.5 hour one on one webinar with Doug to understand how to properly limit and control the virus. By private appointment.

Contact Doug to set up your private training to deep clean for COVID-19.

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