Covid-19/ Deep Cleaning for Health

Let Doug’s background in deep cleaning for health and infection control help you determine how to best position your company to help your clients stay safe. Contact DHSeminars to set up your 3 hour online training.

Doug Heiferman Covid-19 Cleaning Classes
Doug Heiferman Covid-19 Cleaning Classes

Helping clients stay safe; Webinar on Deep cleaning to help mitigate covid 19. Doug has helped many companies including major franchises position for success in our changing world. Desire to help your community stay safe requires infection control Training in deep cleaning strategies focused on source removal of containment.  Doug will teach you Proper cleaning technologies that demonstrate proven efficacy in limiting and controlling the spread of covid 19.

Doug’s 3-hour webinar will teach you proper cleaning procedures from a health perspective. How to approach covid 19 on your website. Learn risk assessment strategies to keep you and your clients safe employing the use of health questionnaires with clients. How to position your company for future success. Learn to stay out of trouble by employing proper cleaning technologies. Using proper verbiage when discussing covid 19.

Covid-19 Cleaning for Health Training

Deep cleaning must be performed by certified professionals trained to clean from a health perspective. Clients will hire companies trained to manage the entire indoor environment from a health perspective. Positioning for future success is critical in our changing world.

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The Truth About Covid-19 Cleaning for Health

To help ensure the safety of our clients and our community against Covid-19, we can help you keep a healthy indoor environment for your home or business.  Deep cleaning to manage the indoor environment.  There are no magic sprays to kill Covid-19.  Reduce, limit, control, disable the virus through deep cleaning strategies designed to clean for health following the CDC guidelines.  Our sanitizers are all-natural, safer for the indoor environment.

Deep cleaning systems are designed to limit, manage, control, disable contaminants in the indoor environment, reducing the chances of becoming ill from unwanted matter that must be removed by professionals trained in managing the indoor environment.

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