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Power Up Business & Marketing Tool Kit (Ver.4)
Item# 1001


Developed by Doug Heiferman, an industry veteran, IICRC Approved Instructor and Master Textile Cleaner who has trained and helped thousands of cleaners become more successful.  This kit will help to power up your carpet & upholstery cleaning business!


*Introduction and how to use the tool kit.
*Business development guide to help determine goals, create a mission statement, develop a marketing plan, develop an operations plan.
*Marketing your company.
*Cost effective ways to market your company.
*Sample business card.
*Sample direct mail post-card.
*Sample yellow pages advertisement.
*Sample thank you card.
*Sample referral marketing card.
*Sample gift certificate marketing card.
*Key phrases for use in marketing/advertising materials.
*Month by month marketing program.
*Using tag lines in your advertising.
*1-800 informational telephone message.
*Warning bait & switch letter “leave behind”.
*Sample customer survey card.
*Pre-appointment letter.
*Step by step written procedures for on-site carpet cleaning.
*Pre-cleaning carpet audit.
*Sample invoice for carpet cleaning; includes an example of a written pre-inspection.
*Customer service information guide featuring three tiered “package selling system “for
residential carpet cleaning. Guide is ready for you to customize —- just add company name, telephone number, etc.
*Upholstered furniture condition report.
*Basic carpet cleaning formulas for carpet and upholstery cleaning; stain resist residential
carpet, heavily soiled stain resist carpet, commercial carpet and delicate and fine fabrics.
*The Green Revolution, Be Clean Be Green brochure, Green Cleaning Formula.
*Odor Control, Natural Solution for Pet Odors.
*Customer after-care cleaning instructions.
*Cleaning guides; carpet, fine fabrics, spotting guides.
*Five (5) DVDs; carpet cleaning, spot & stain removal, commercial carpet cleaning, add-on sales and upholstery cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning Technician Manual – An IICRC Certification Manual
Item# 1002

This manual is used in The IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) Course.

The manual covers:

  • The most commonly encountered natural (wool, cotton, silk, sisal) and synthetic (nylon, polyester, olefin, acrylic, rayon) carpet fibers- characteristics
  • The carpet manufacturing process: fiber selection, fiber production, (natural, synthetic continuous filament and stubble), yarn manufacturing (spinning, twisting, heat setting), construction (tufted, woven, fusion bonded), dyeing, and finishing – how each step effects clean ability.
  • Fundamentals of cleaning: dry soil removal (vacuums and vacuuming), soil suspension (chemical action, heat agitation, time), related to every cleaning job.
  • Cleaning methods: hot water extraction, absorbent pad (bonnet) cleaning, absorbent compound, rotary and dry foam shampoo, and encapsulation low moisture cleaning.
  • Corrective and restorative deep cleaning: equipment, procedures, indoor environmental quality.
  • Operational efficiency: van accessories, portable heaters, injection sprayers, electric sprayers, battery sprayers, pump up sprayers, cleaning wands and wand technique and power wands.
  • Fundamentals of cleaning chemistry: the ph scale;, spotting, and effects on carpet fiber; soaps and detergents; hard waters effects upon cleaning; specific solution selection (pre-sprays, rising/extractions, encapsulation, bonnet, rotary or dry foam and boosters)
  • Carpet Spotting: contents of spotting kits, spot and stain removal chemical selection, unknown spots, application and procedures, reducing bleaches, oxidizing bleaches, stain removal kits, specific spot and stain removal procedures.
  • Safety and job considerations: MSDS, hazard communication, chemical safety, equipment safety, hose handling, and customer service considerations waste water handling.
  • Carpet problems: detects, characteristics, installation cleaning related problems (shrinkage, streaking, accelerated re-soiling, fungi growth, browning, bleeding, furniture stains), inspection, prevention, customer education and correction.

Specialty areas: deodorization, carpet and fabric protection, cleaning stain resistant warranted carpets.

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Upholstery & Fabric Technician Manual – An IICRC Certification Manual
Item# 1003

This manual is used in The IICRC Upholstery and Fabric Technician (UFT) Course.

Some of this manuals key points are:

  • Upholstery fibers: cellulosic (cotton, linen, jute) protein (wool, silk) synthetic (rayon, acetate, nylon, polyester, acrylic and olefin), Fiber identification: visual identification, burn testing, chemical testing.
  • Fiber manufacturing: spinning fiber into yarn, fabric types and weaves- tufting, flocking, and weaving.
  • Types of weaves: plain weave, basket weave, jacquard weave, twill, satin pile, novelty yarns.
  • Finishing techniques: calendering, glazing, mercerizing, morreing, weighting.
  • Fabric dyeing: pre and post dyeing: cleaning characteristics and limitations.
  • Upholstery cleaning chemistry: the ph scale, upholstery soil versus carpet soil; formulation of upholstery cleaning chemicals, chemistry of dry cleaning.
  • Upholstery cleaning basics: upholstery soiling; basics of soil suspension chemical, heat, action, time.
  • Principles of upholstery cleaning: dry vacuuming, pre-conditioning, extraction or soil removal, finishing drying.
  • The methods of upholstery cleaning: hot water extraction cleaning, cleaning tools, wet shampoo extractions, dry foam shampooing dry extraction, encapsulation cleaning; dry cleaning.
  • Spotting: professional spotting kit, spot and stain removal chemicals, specialty procedures for spot removal on upholstery, unknown spots
  • Cleaning related problems: bleeding; crocking; fading; fabric deterioration; shrinkage, browning, migrating ink marks; texture change; assessment for potential, prevention and correction
  • Pre-cleaning inspection: potential cleaning related problems, fiber fabric and weave, age and condition; platform issues; reporting findings to the customer.
  • Upholstery agitation and grooming tools: grooming; agitation; nap setting, load list.
  • Job set up and cleaning procedures: pre-inspection; testing; cleaning codes; preparing work area; grooming and drying; preconditioning; extraction; neutralizing and conditioning; fabric protection; drying.

Office partition cleaning: construction; cleaning.

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